About Us


The History of Ridgeside K9 Foundation

Ridgeside K9 Foundation (RSK9F) is a group of like-minded individuals from the Veteran, Law Enforcement, and First Responder communities who strive to raise awareness about PTSD and mental health. Here at RSK9F we support our first responders and their allies. Our executive team has decades of years of combined experience.

At RSK9F, we source, train, and provide psychiatric support dogs to our heroes facing PTSD and other mental health issues. Veterans often compartmentalize and deal with the stressors of combat, long deployments, and overall sacrifices. Our Law Enforcement brothers and sisters deal with continued exposure to death, fatalities, violence, suicide, and the sacrifice it takes
to complete a career in law enforcement. Our legal and government workers are also exposed to the same levels of combined stress as well and serve our military and law enforcement officers to assist in the mission.
Our companion dogs (often referred to as our Battle Buddies), are carefully selected and trained on a case-by-case basis to suit the specific needs of our heroes in need or crisis. Oftentimes structure, discipline, movement, and responsibilities are key factors when dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Our Battle Buddies are unconditionally devoted to being by your side every step of the way. 
Our network of therapy dogs also supports local and VA hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and families who are dealing with the hardships of stress, anxiety, and rehabilitation.
Our Mission

Ridgeside K9 Foundation will provide, evaluate, and place support dogs with Veterans, First Responders, and our allies needing support who are experiencing PTSD for the purpose of service and psychiatric support.

Our Vision

Ridgeside K9 Foundation will become a national influence and driver in mental health and PTSD awareness as well as a national collection point for all nonprofits in the mental health sector. RSK9F will collaborate with other nonprofits to support their missions in the veteran and law enforcement community.


See How Service Dogs Help Save Veterans’ Lives

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Behind the Scenes

Ridgeside K9 Foundation founder Aaron Taylor entered the military as soon as he graduated High School.  He spent six years in the Marine Corps serving in infantry, reconnaissance and embassy duty under diplomatic security. Upon exiting the Marine Corps Aaron was rated 100% combat disabled.

After his departure from the Marines, Aaron joined the Loudon County Sheriff's Office working in patrol, street crimes, and undercover narcotics Aaron moved onto full-time SWAT and then full-time SWAT K9 handler, a position he would hold until retirement. During his career Aaron attended night school at George Washington University, in Home Land Security and the Science of Policing.  To supplement his income, he created a YouTube Channel for K9 training, which quickly grew, he had found his calling.   He soon started Ridgeside K9, LLC with only a $50 wire crate.  Aaron soon turned it into a high 8 figure business with zero investors, zero loans, and zero banks.  Ridgeside K9 LLC now has 18 locations in seven states and collectively employs hundreds of individuals, many of which are veterans and prior law enforcement. 

Wanting to do more to help people with PTSD (which Aaron also has), Aaron created the Ridgeside K9 Foundation in 2019.  


Is A Service Dog Right For You?

We are dedicated to providing Veterans and First Responders who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with a trained service dog to assist in life’s daily challenges.