Regained Independence ...

Rob was matched with his service dog, Vallon, in 2022. This Marine and his dog were made for each other. Rob carries the weight of freedom on his shoulders, a weight that very few can understand and a pressure that would crush most men. When Rob isn’t busy being a father and husband, running marathons, and managing his farm, he travels as a motivational speaker, talking to many fellow brothers about the trials of life after service. He stresses finding your inner motivation and never giving up. Vallon provides much-needed support to Rob that helps him continue to lead a life full of freedom and independence.

Rob & K-9 Vallon, ( US Marine Veteran)
The Perfect pair ...

Reece the Golden Retriever came to us with a label of “aggression” when, in reality, he was a high energy pup who lacked boundaries and consistency. He trained with us intensely to prepare him for his new forever home. Cameron, a military veteran who currently works in law enforcement, saw Reece and, from there, they were a pair. Being shot on the job caused Cameron to suffer some physical limitations but he didn’t allow that to slow him down. Reece trained hard to be able to walk calmly at a manageable pace for his new partner. This new team will grow and support each other as they learn to live in harmony with one another. 

Gentry & K-9 Reese, ( Law Enforcement )
The Perfect Team ...

Sunny has been by Gabriel’s side for years in an unofficial capacity, providing support whenever she could. Gabe is a military veteran while his wife is still active duty. Sunny has helped her dad through his PTSD and to lead a more independent, active lifestyle. Recently, the pair worked together to become a fully trained Service Dog team, passing the public access test and getting her task training done. Sunny will now work side by side with Gabriel as they venture to new horizons across the sea.

Gabe & K-9 Sunny, ( Military Veteran )